New OSHdata team

Dear open hardware folks,

Good news, the OSHdata project will gain more momentum shortly with a new team!

Under the leadership of its founder Harris Kenny, the OSHdata project has made significant progress since the beginning of 2020 to track dynamics in the open hardware field of individual participants, academics, as well as increasing company engagement worldwide driven by great benefits of gaining competitive advantage. Harris knew the project had—and still has— unrealized potential. This spring, he sought out interested parties who could take it further. 

We are excited to announce today that the research projects OPENNEXT and PeerInnovation are partnering up under the umbrella of the recently founded association Open Hardware Observatory e.V. (OHO) in Berlin, Germany. With control effective from 28 May, OHO has acquired the OSHdata project and will maintain it moving forward.

A first important step in the coming months will be to update the annual State of Open Hardware report (see 2020 report). Further activities such as showcasing open hardware lighthouse projects or hosting external articles on the OSHdata blog (as long as they fit in with the activities of OSHdata) are envisaged as well.

The future of OSHdata as a public service will depend on the ability of the new OSHdata team to involve organisations or/and individuals with converging goals and the needed capacity and to attain public and private funding. In case you are interested to join the OSHdata team with your organisation, or as an individual, we will be very happy to hear from you.

For further information please contact us at

Thank you and best regards from Berlin,

The OSHdata team (Robert Mies, Martin Häuer and Jan Peuckert)

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