LOSH announcement

LOSH beta launch: Take a sneak peak of what aims to become the largest collection of Open Source Hardware Designs online After two years of groundwork, the OPEN!NEXT consortium is finally able to share a beta version of the Library of Open Source Hardware (LOSH). Come visit us and search for open source designs here. It is essentiallyContinue reading “LOSH announcement”

European study examines the economic impact of open source

Dear open hardware folks, Lots of things happened in this strange year. As communicated before, Harris Kenny the founder of OSHdata stepped away from the OSHdata project and a new team positioned themselves to start working on the site. In the upcoming year, we want to create regular posts to inform you about new trendsContinue reading “European study examines the economic impact of open source”

New OSHdata team

Dear open hardware folks, Good news, the OSHdata project will gain more momentum shortly with a new team! Under the leadership of its founder Harris Kenny, the OSHdata project has made significant progress since the beginning of 2020 to track dynamics in the open hardware field of individual participants, academics, as well as increasing companyContinue reading “New OSHdata team”

Shutting Down OSHdata

Steven Abadie and I started OSHdata with the 2020 State of Open Hardware report before the 10th Annual Open Hardware Summit. We spent hours digging into data for unprecedented insight into open hardware. We shared our scraping script and saw the community—including OSHWA!—use it for projects. Our research paid for itself through consulting projects andContinue reading “Shutting Down OSHdata”


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