Glenn Samala of SparkFun Electronics

This fall, open hardware and electronics leader SparkFun Electronics released a slew of new products and services. Founded in 2003, SparkFun continues to innovate and make it easier for engineers around the world to do their job. We connected with CEO Glenn Samala to discuss what these new offerings are all about and where SparkFunContinue reading “Glenn Samala of SparkFun Electronics”

The State of OSHdata and Open Hardware

There’s a lot happening, so I want to take some time to update you on the OSHdata project and what we see happening next in the broader Open Source Hardware community as we look ahead to Open Hardware Month in October. OSHdata was started earlier this year by myself (Harris Kenny) and my friend andContinue reading “The State of OSHdata and Open Hardware”

Inkplate 6

At OSHdata we look at every single product certified through the OSHWA certification program. We see a ton of great products but sometimes come across a product that really catches our attention. The Inkplate 6 by E-radionica, a Wi-Fi-enabled e-paper display, is a phenomenal OSH development board for projects that need a high clarity lowContinue reading “Inkplate 6”

Limor Fried of Adafruit Industries

In April the long time Open Source Hardware company Adafruit took the top spot of OSHWA certifications creators, certifying hundreds of their products over just a few weeks. OSHdata talked with Limor Fried, founder and owner of Adafruit Industries, about their OSHWA certifications and being an Open Source Hardware business. Adafruit recently became the top certifierContinue reading “Limor Fried of Adafruit Industries”

State of Open Hardware in Europe

Introduction OSHdata findings show that the Open Source Hardware (OSH) community is dynamic, growing, and still in its early days as a formal movement. For context, know that this report relies on the Open Source Hardware definition and the Open Source Hardware certification program, as defined by the Open Source Hardware Association. Learn more byContinue reading “State of Open Hardware in Europe”

2020 State of Open Hardware

Overview OSHdata is an independent project that launched in 2020, starting by taking a look back and generating a static report about the state of the Open Source Hardware (OSH) ahead of the 10th Annual Open Hardware Summit in March 2020. OSHdata’s findings are for the community. For the founders, engineers, developers, artists, customers, suppliers,Continue reading “2020 State of Open Hardware”