Camilo Parra Palacio of Otto DIY

This June Otto DIY became the first company to certify open hardware in the Czech Republic, joining the growing community of creators who are freely licensing their Open Source Hardware in Europe. Their product is certification unique ID: CZ000001 in the Open Source Hardware Association’s certification program. We caught up with the company’s founder CamiloContinue reading “Camilo Parra Palacio of Otto DIY”

Next steps for OSHdata

Overview This is just the beginning. We want to build OSHdata into an ongoing resource for founders, engineers, researchers, supply chain professionals, artists, and all the stakeholders in the Open Source Hardware (OSH) community. As articulated in the About page, we are hoping to build this into a financially self-sufficient resource for the community. This RoadContinue reading “Next steps for OSHdata”

2020 State of Open Hardware

Overview OSHdata is an independent project that launched in 2020, starting by taking a look back and generating a static report about the state of the Open Source Hardware (OSH) ahead of the 10th Annual Open Hardware Summit in March 2020. OSHdata’s findings are for the community. For the founders, engineers, developers, artists, customers, suppliers,Continue reading “2020 State of Open Hardware”