Shutting Down OSHdata

Steven Abadie and I started OSHdata with the 2020 State of Open Hardware report before the 10th Annual Open Hardware Summit. We spent hours digging into data for unprecedented insight into open hardware. We shared our scraping script and saw the community—including OSHWA!—use it for projects. Our research paid for itself through consulting projects andContinue reading “Shutting Down OSHdata”

Glenn Samala of SparkFun Electronics

This fall, open hardware and electronics leader SparkFun Electronics released a slew of new products and services. Founded in 2003, SparkFun continues to innovate and make it easier for engineers around the world to do their job. We connected with CEO Glenn Samala to discuss what these new offerings are all about and where SparkFunContinue reading “Glenn Samala of SparkFun Electronics”

Camilo Parra Palacio of Otto DIY

This June Otto DIY became the first company to certify open hardware in the Czech Republic, joining the growing community of creators who are freely licensing their Open Source Hardware in Europe. Their product is certification unique ID: CZ000001 in the Open Source Hardware Association’s certification program. We caught up with the company’s founder CamiloContinue reading “Camilo Parra Palacio of Otto DIY”