Shutting Down OSHdata

Steven Abadie and I started OSHdata with the 2020 State of Open Hardware report before the 10th Annual Open Hardware Summit. We spent hours digging into data for unprecedented insight into open hardware. We shared our scraping script and saw the community—including OSHWA!—use it for projects. Our research paid for itself through consulting projects andContinue reading “Shutting Down OSHdata”

The State of OSHdata and Open Hardware

There’s a lot happening, so I want to take some time to update you on the OSHdata project and what we see happening next in the broader Open Source Hardware community as we look ahead to Open Hardware Month in October. OSHdata was started earlier this year by myself (Harris Kenny) and my friend andContinue reading “The State of OSHdata and Open Hardware”

Next steps for OSHdata

Overview This is just the beginning. We want to build OSHdata into an ongoing resource for founders, engineers, researchers, supply chain professionals, artists, and all the stakeholders in the Open Source Hardware (OSH) community. As articulated in the About page, we are hoping to build this into a financially self-sufficient resource for the community. This RoadContinue reading “Next steps for OSHdata”